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Well, here we are in sunny, warm and dry Tempe, Arizona. I’m very busy playing Phantom shows, hardly a chance to catch my breath. The show schedule is relentless!

I’m thankful to be employed by the Phantom touring company for the rest of the year, however. Durham NC from late Nov. – late Dec. and then Christmas Week in Ft. Lauderdale.

Perhaps my Dear Readers will be able to discern a slight change in our hair this week. I started using “product” to shape it past my ears a couple weeks ago, and have now begun parting it. Sort of.

James is a couple weeks behind me in hair growth, and has just started using “product” (i.e., Krew Komb). It is really interesting — to ME anyway — to see James’ hair longer than it’s ever been during our 11 year+ relationship. I feel like I’ve got a new boyfriend/plaything. 😉

Ha ha.

Well, I made it just under the wire tonight folks, with less than an hour of Sunday remaining.

If I could make each day of the week some-special-something, then I’d be posting to this blog daily!

It’s definitely a new experience to let my hair grow out. By most people’s standards it’s still very short, but it already feels long to ME. Are you bored with this yet?

Sorry about the poor photo quality — I’m using “PhotoBooth”, the built-in camera on my Macbook, and it’s nighttime. Very grainy! But you get the idea.

Well, this Hair Sunday thing is keeping me posting here at least once a week!

There’s much to tell y’all about, but I don’t feel like it right now.

Suffice it to say that James & I are back in B-ville, situated in the extreme southeastern portion of Arizona, for the first time in over two years.

It is very difficult to describe the conflicting, tumultuous feelings flowing through James and me as we experience being back in the town in which we thought we’d spend the rest of our lives.

It is strange, indeed.

We’re here to get the rest of our few belongings out of the house, and we listed it with an agent today. Next week we head to Tempe where I will play two weeks of “Phantom”.

As I wrote in a Facebook status update recently:

“Being back here is like getting together with a former sweetheart: old news, some regrets, appreciation of past beauty & good times, and they sort of got their act together after the divorce (at least as far as internet access at the RV park goes — they DIDN’T have it when we lived here!)”

The strangeness intensified on Friday when we walked up the main street of town to our house. The smell of seasoned, warm wood and old plaster hit me like a saucy, vivacious yet dysfunctional friend who’s no longer on speaking terms. The sight of bright red walls in the kitchen where James prepared many a delicious meal and I baked bread brought back pleasant and sad memories, all at once.

It feels like SUCH old news to be back here. Perhaps I am embarrassed to be so vividly reminded of past mistakes and past misperceptions. James and I fell in love with this town the moment we saw it, little realizing that the beauty was only skin-deep. From the highway, B-ville looks like the quaintest, cutest town on the face of the earth.

Well, it didn’t work out the way we’d hoped. This place definitely has a bittersweet tang of disappointment and unmet expectations. We can hardly wait to leave.

But I remind myself, and James, that we need to remember what we have RIGHT NOW — a wonderful life in Northern California, surrounded by family and friends, living in two excellent (and contrasting) environments — The Woods and The Ocean.

Now on to something more cheery and ridiculous: Hair Sunday!

This is by far the longest I’ve had my hair since 1997. Not very long at all, you’re thinking. But for me, I feel wooly and unkempt. Every morning is a Bad Hair Day until I tend to it — wetting it and/or slapping goop on it to keep it looking frightful — but NOT bad, at least.

Not exactly bad. I hope. Not quite frightful enough for Halloween yesterday, but sufficient to scare ME when I look in the mirror.

After an ambitious flurry of daily blog posts for over a week recently, I slacked off. BAD me!

I had hoped to wow and amaze all my readers with this new resolve to post daily, but it just ain’t gonna happen. Besides, none of you even really noticed.  😉

Anyway…it’s time for Hair Sunday again, which is getting me off my butt motivates me to post.

It’s been only a week since the Inaugural Hair Sunday and our hair has definitely GROWN in that time. Although it must look short to you, I am starting to get at that uncomfortably wooly stage in which I usually ask James to cut my hair.

Every day is a Bad Hair Day now. No more worry-free, no-fuss-no-mess routine.

After shampooing, I need to apply “krew comb styling prep” to train those recalcitrant sides under my ears. The first time I used this a few days ago, I applied far too much and not only was my head a sticky mess, it stank to high heaven.

My horn colleague in “South Pacific” made the mistake of noticing my new ‘do and exclaimed, “Oh, you got a haircut!” and proceeded to pat me on the head — she thought that the swoop of bristly brushy hair on top would be exciting to touch.

It was indeed more exciting than she bargained for — her hands now smelled like “krew comb” (which, by the way, you can find at any Sally Beauty Supply store) and she had to wash them. Ewww.

In other news….

Today is the last show of South Pacific. It’s been a great run of 52 performances, which started on September 18th here in San Francisco.

I’m looking forward to the Next Thing (7 consecutive weeks’ subbing with Phantom on the road: Tempe, Durham & Ft. Lauderdale) but I am also sad that South Pacific is ending. The 25-piece orchestra, so very rare in this age of greatly reduced live musicians and increased synthesizers, has been terrific to play in. I can say with confidence that this orchestra sounds every bit as good as the folks on Broadway. And everyone has been great to work with.

James and I “pull up stakes” and tow the Airstream down to Arizona on Tuesday, for the Next Thing aforementioned.

Tomorrow, we will host a day of playing recorders with our favorite folks in the Bay Area; six people from around the Bay area are scheduled to show up here at the Activity Room at the RV park to play through James’ and my original compositions. We always have a blast.

Okay, so here are today’s Hair Sunday Week #2 pictures:

James and I have sported very short hairstyles for years. James, in fact, says that he’s had short hair since April 15, 1980. I think it’s funny that he knows the exact date, but I’m kind of a date-freak about some things myself and understand where he’s coming from.

I have had short hair since October 1997. Sorry I don’t recall the exact date. I decided to have my hair cut a few weeks after going on the road with Phantom. I was ready for a new look (which, in fact, landed me James a few months later, he claims).

One of the people in Phantom’s Hair Department cut my hair. He wasn’t cheap! But he was tawdry. But I digress. 😉

At that same time, I decided to stop coloring my hair. Oh wow, it’s Truth Time!

I started going gray in my mid-thirties. I wasn’t ready for that, so I decided to have my hairstylist color it. I did that for eight years.

But I finally got tired of the charade, and besides, I was curious how I looked with gray in my hair.

The funny thing is, when I look back at pictures from that time, my hair wasn’t NEARLY as gray (and white) as it is now. Yet I thought I was being so darn adventurous.

Anyway, back to the Hair Sunday thing. James and I have decided to grow our hair long! A few months ago we would have recoiled in horror at the thought. But now it somehow seems attractive; it’s something fun to “do”.

We may end up hating it. But we’ll never know until we let it grow out a bit.

James suggested that we take pictures of ourselves every Sunday to chart our hair growth, and I came up with the idea of posting the pictures to my blog.

So now you have something to look forward to every week, Cameron’s Hair Sunday! You’ll probably be sick of the sight of us by the time our hair grows out.

Here’s the first set of pictures, taken a few minutes ago. Believe it or not, my hair is already longer than usual right now; this would be the time that I’d have James take clippers in hand to give me my usual buzz-cut.

But this will not happen. I’m letting it grow out.

Oh Lord, please give me the strength to avoid itching and scratching and flipping hair out of my eyes — activities which have not been part of my repertoire for well over a decade.

Okay, I can just hear you saying right now, “Which one is James and which is Cameron?” Do you know or do you need me to enlighten you?