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Okay, this is a shameless plug. My cat Rupert has been bugging me BIG TIME to help him update his blog lately, so since I am merely his Keeper, I have complied. (Have you ever taken dictation from a cat? It’s a challenge!)

Not only that, he insists that I remind my blog readers about his blog, right now!

The Adventures of Rupert

He is so persistent.


Hundreds of them have accumulated on my computer over the past couple of years.

Tonight I am finally grabbing the Firefox browser monkey by the neck — ripping it off my back — and starting to go through each and every bookmark to see if:

1.) …the links still work. (A surprising number of them don’t!)
2.) …I want to keep them?

For example, I have bookmarked many blogs on people’s blogrolls that I have ended up being bored with, or they haven’t posted in forever. But I keep checking!

Okay, it’s time to throw in the towel on some blogs…you haven’t posted anything since June!

Cyberspace calling Cameron! Why in the #%@^ did you bookmark this link???

I am totally amazed at the variety of, the utter mystery of, the totally inexplicable reasons why I’ve saved most of these bookmarks.

I have not revisited the majority of them since the moment I bookmarked the sites. (Except for the blog ones.)

My personal limit seems to have settled into a couple dozen blogs. How many blogs do YOU check in with each day?

Okay. Deep breath.

I’m LONG overdue for a major bookmark purge!

This is going to take a while. A long while.

The computer is just an electronic update on the file cabinet — those myriad junk drawers that we ALL have — admit it! — those piles of crap hiding in the corners of the room. Or brazenly making their presence known right at your elbow.

Surely I am not the only one to “bookmark too much”. (Is this a 21st Century version of “LOVING too much”?)

I’ve spent several hours tonight getting rid of bookmarks and have barely scratched the surface. Cyber Powers That Be, please give me the strength to continue to the bitter end!

I am very curious to know if your experience with bookmarks is similar.

I can use some moral support right now. 😉

Over the past two days, I have laboriously copied all entries and their accompanying comments from my old blog, into a document that will serve as my memories of a certain small town that I thought I would spend the rest of my life in.

I did this because I have just deleted that blog. As I am no longer living in that town, why keep it?

Ever since I moved to The Woods, I knew that I would delete the old blog eventually, but now that I’ve done it I feel a bit sad.

It has been nostalgic (and very illuminating!) to read over those entries as well as my readers’ comments, especially the early ones when I waxed so eloquently about the place. I was so enthusiastic, singing its praises. And people responded so supportively.

Then as we got to know the town’s inner workings and people better below the surface, we discovered that it was less-than-idyllic — and in fact, was not a good fit for us.

I can only hope that the same flip-flop doesn’t happen HERE. I don’t think it will, because the connections with this land, and with the people who own it, with all my family, friends and colleagues who live nearby, and the more down-to-earth townspeople we are meeting — are much stronger than in our previous location.

In retrospect, (hindsight is so cheap!) I shouldn’t have freaked out and deleted “controversial” blog entries when a few local residents complained about some negative aspects of town that I brought up. Most of you blog readers encouraged me to continue writing, without censorship.

Well, I wimped out. I was pragmatic in that I realized that we would be leaving anyway, so what was the point of being a bad-ass?

It seems that I have a bit more processing to do, concerning this recent major change in my life. When I think about it, it IS pretty significant, and needs acknowledgement. Then I will be able to let go and move on more effectively.

When I started this new blog, a few faithful readers have followed me here, for which I am grateful.

I have been bad about posting lately, and even worse about visiting other blogs to comment, so it is no wonder that “Into the Woods” gets less traffic than my old blog.

I can only hope to become more involved again, and not be such a stranger to you all.