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Well, the weeks of hair growth are accumulating at an alarming rate.

Not only is every day a “bad hair day”, but every day is a SCARY bad hair day now.

James is trying an “UP-do” which startled me when he picked me up from the theatre yesterday afternoon.

It’s a cross between Christopher Walken and coincidentally, another crazy gentleman named Christopher, but with the last name of Lloyd — i.e., the mad professor from the movie “Back to the Future”.

You GO, boy.

I am starting to look like my dad. I can hardly wait to show off this new “do” to my brothers and their spouses and children, and hear what they have to say about it.

I hope they’re not too scared.

You get a bonus picture this week! More whacky facial contortions.

I’ve got one more week of Phantom shows here in Durham. It’s going to be another 9-performance week, so the schedule will be heavy.

Today is my last day off here. It’s damp and cool and overcast. I’ll probably spend much of the day right here, in front of the computer, as usual. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy OR sunny — here I sit!