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It was a VERY busy week at work; nine shows between Tuesday and Sunday instead of the usual eight.

This heavy schedule is due to the fact that it took the Phantom company an extra day to travel the 2000 miles between Tempe, AZ and Durham, NC. So we could fit only six shows into the first week, between Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Sunday.

The company certainly needs to extract its pound of flesh, however, so the two missing shows have to be made up!

So we on weeks #2 & #4 we have nine shows. This week will be the regular 8-show routine; a brief respite from the extra performance.

It feels like I’m living at the theatre lately. But I am thankful to be employed for the moment!

After Christmas week (in Ft. Lauderdale) I will once again be “on the streets”. I need to embrace the concept of not knowing where my next paychecks will come from, rather than fight it and be worried about it.

Okay, the Hair Thing. What can I say — it’s still growing! Are you sick and tired of this yet? Discuss!