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Ever since Tuesday’s record-breaking rainstorm, it has been unusually mild and humid in the Bay area.

It almost feels like the East coast in the Fall BEFORE it snows (I’ve heard that it’s snowing out there today).

I am amazed at what a difference a few degrees make here. It’s usually in the upper 50s by the beach and a few degrees warmer in the City. But this week it is five degrees warmer, and I can actually feel the change.

The climate here is very temperate, without too many extremes. So I suppose that any variation seems more dramatic.

Now I understand it when local residents complain that 70 degrees is a “heat wave” and that 50 degrees is a cold-snap.

One thing I have not seen around here are Fall colors. The only indication that the season has changed is that the air is slightly more crisp — at least until this week — and the profusion of Halloween decorations.