On this morning’s walk, James suggested that we head in a different direction than usual.

So we turned right at the fork at the top of our driveway instead of left. This secondary path brings us to the main dirt road which goes downhill for a mile to town.

“Look at that!” James exclaimed as he pointed to a log at the side of the path. It was a multi-colored blob of fungus growing on the sawed end of a tree trunk.

The camera’s flash captured the richness of the colors in this closeup:

Further up the path, James called my attention to this hanging fungus and moss:

Breathing a little heavily at the top of the secondary path — great exercise! — we went up the main road past the gate and then sharply to the right down our neighbor’s driveway. (When I say “driveway”, I actually mean a dirt road.)

There was more of the same variety of fungus, but hanging more dramatically from the side of the path:

And just a bit farther downhill, more mushrooms! These are quite different than the ones I took shots of yesterday:

A side shot:

Nearing the neighbor’s compound, we passed two water tanks which had been used regularly years ago, when the neighbors had tapped into a spring — the same spring that our property had also utilized “back in the day”. Each neighbor has his own well now.

The first of these tanks reminds me of the one in Petticoat Junction (but a much smaller version):

The second tank has an interesting camo effect:

At this point, the path turns abruptly to the left, leading down to the neighbor’s group of buildings. I captured an affectionate moment between James and Ringo:

The neighbors have an interesting array of old artifacts from long-ago mining days:

Their property is almost entirely covered with trees, so the ground is blanketed with pine needles and the light is rather gloomy, and mosquitoes love hanging out there during the summer.

I am glad that a good deal of the land we inhabit is open meadow. It’s a different world, less than a half-mile away.

I write this post from our 1976 Airstream travel trailer, still parked in the barn. James has just finished this phase of his design project and it is fabulous as promised!

At this moment, we are in the process of loading the stuff we want to bring along for our six-week sojourn in the Bay area, and trying out our new “office space” for size. The space is very cozy and already feels like it’s always been this way.

We will leave either tomorrow or early Sunday morning. New adventures await!