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Although we walk Ringo every day, he hasn’t gotten his usual exercise fetching the ball or frisbee since we’ve been in Spokane, so he’s gained a little weight.

We can’t have that!

So we found a couple of cheap flying discs at a thrift store, which Ringo made short work of. Then we came across a red flying hoop in our favorite vacant lot, which has lasted for two sessions; it’s almost chewed through already.

I took videos of Ringo fetching the hoop yesterday with my digital still-camera, since I didn’t think to bring the regular video camera. The video feature on the still-camera is limited, as I suspect most of them are — one cannot zoom while the camera is taking movies. But you’ll get the overall impression of the fetching, along with the ever-present roar of the highway nearby.

Afterwards we stopped at a tiny park where James indulged himself on the swing-set. We’re thinking of having a large swing-set made for our place in The Woods! We had such fun swinging when we were kids — so why stop now just because we’re “adults”?

A couple of pit-bulls barked as James swung. They were situated in a cage in a nearby backyard, so I captured a moment on video of them as well. Every time we walk down this alley, the dogs raise up such a ruckus that they occasionally attack one another in their excitement.