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Our little part of The Woods is located in a bowl-shaped valley, ringed by mountains on all sides.

Whenever we descend the six miles of county road down to town, it feels like going back to the womb, enveloped by comfort and warmth.

The county road begins at the top of the ridge at 4500 feet, then wends its way down in a corkscrew fashion through many hair-pin turns to the Yuba River and to town, at 2600 feet.

That’s quite a drop in elevation.

James uses the term “micro-climate” to describe our environment, and it is true. These mountains often protect this area from the ice and snow which hits the surrounding geography, as is happening with today’s storm.

“Hey, look at this!” James said a few minutes ago. I went over to his computer which showed a radar weather map of our current weather conditions.

You can actually SEE the bowl which encompasses our immediate area, which is colored green to indicate rain. It is surrounded by pink, which is ice.

This is where we live! Pretty amazing.