Earlier this week, a series of storms swept over Northern California which resulted in heavy snow accumulations in the Sierras. We got about a foot of it here In The Woods over several days.

This is on top of the few inches remaining from the earlier storms a few weeks ago.

The locals say that this is an ‘unusually heavy winter’. James and I laugh at this, because it seems that wherever we have traveled over the past few years, the weather has been “un-yooo-sual”. Either very hot or cold.

We don’t mind the snow as long as we don’t have to DRIVE in it.

The white stuff is really quite beautiful in the woods — unspoiled by cars and footprints, except for the tracks made by deer and by us.

It is especially gorgeous on the trees. James and I took a few pictures of the evergreens festooned with snow, a very fleeting beauty because it falls off the pine needles as soon as the sun hits them and the temperature rises.

Here’s a shot of various snowy trees to the side of the barn:

This is a big tree in the meadow:


James and I like to call these trees “The Three Sisters”, even though more show in the background. We can see them out the Music Room window:


Remember the liquid amber, featured earlier in the Fall? Here it is in its winter glory:


During a break in the second storm on Thursday, I took some shots of the “snow curtains” hanging from the Music Room windows:


This is a great shot from inside, looking out:


…and looking at the Bunkhouse:


James took this shot of the icicles:

I also took a video of the two main storm events. The first was on Tuesday the 29th; then we had a break on Wednesday. We managed to get down to “Big Town” for supplies — thank god for chains! Then the last storm was on Thursday — only yesterday, but it seems longer ago than that.

I had a devil of a time editing nine minutes of video footage to just under four. Thank goodness for James’ help today! I finally asked him for assistance. He’s an excellent editor because he’s a visual artist and has a good eye for film — screen shots, transitions, pacing, all of that. I couldn’t have done it nearly as well without him.

We both learned a lot from playing around with this snow video. Enjoy!