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Out here In The Woods, nighttime temperatures have dropped over the past week.

Since our arrival this summer, we’ve been sleeping in the Bunkhouse section of the barn’s add-on, the quaint white clapboard building next to the liquid amber tree seen in previous pictures.

It’s gotten down to the mid-20s recently, which is fairly frigid for a room basically open to the elements. The thermometer in this room registers the mid-30’s when we reluctantly pry ourselves out of the warm bed in the morning.

The west wall of the Bunkhouse is almost completely open, with gaping holes where windows used to be. This leads to the “summer kitchen” area, which has no insulation. Then there’s a large square opening in the kitchen wall facing the main barn itself, where you might as well be outside.

Yes, we really do live in a shack! Or more properly, “shaque”, since James has decorated this place so artfully. It’s kind of a funny juxaposition, but we love it.

One of James’ many projects this winter is to seal off the Bunkhouse wall, but there are more pressing issues to attend to first, such as building two little “houses” to shelter the new well and its pump and pressure tank.

So yesterday we decided to move our bed from the Bunkhouse into the Music Room, which is fairly-well insulated, and where we have a wood fire going in the Franklin stove most of the day. The temperature in this room generally stays at least twenty degrees warmer than outside.

It’s very nice having the bed in our main living space; cozy and intimate. We’re used to living in tiny “all-in-one” spaces, anyway, having been in an Airstream trailer full-time for many years on the road.

We both slept much better in the warmer room last night, and I particularly liked NOT having to wear a knitted cap in bed to keep my head from freezing.

Other news tidbits:

We subsisted on turkey sandwiches all day yesterday, my favorite way of eating Thanksgiving leftovers. There’s nothing quite like a turkey sandwich made from a holiday bird roasted in the oven, complete with mayonnaise, mustard and lettuce. And freshly-ground pepper. Yum!

The Steinway grand piano (built in 1906) which had belonged to my mother is due to arrive here on Saturday, after nearly a month rattling around on a moving truck somewhere between here and Bisbee, Arizona.

What a long haul! I hope the piano will be okay after all that travel-time. I certainly will have to get it tuned after the dust settles.

The piano’s arrival will make our house truly complete at last. Its home will also be in the Music Room, along with the large table we’re using for our computers, and now most recently, the bed. (And let’s not forget my horns, harps and digital keyboards.) Yes, I will take pictures!

There’s something quite hilarious about visualizing a moving truck lumbering up this steep, rutted dirt road to our place out In The Woods, bearing a Steinway grand piano. Modern pioneers!