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Many times this Fall, I thought about taking pictures of the unusually vivid colors of the trees in the area, but then put it off…and again…

Many people don’t think of California as having good Fall colors, but there are indeed areas of excellent displays, especially in the northern part of the state. Nevada City/Grass Valley and surrounding environs is especially nice.

I was thankful to capture the most variegated tree of them all, right in our own front yard!

It’s called a liquid amber in these parts, while it is known as the American Sweet-gum in the Eastern and Southeastern areas of the United States.

A dear friend of L.’s, who was very involved with this land for years, planted this tree in the late 1970s.

Don visited us In The Woods a couple of months ago, and appreciated the many improvements that James has already made to the place. In fact, he was almost overcome with emotion. Unfortunately, his visit was well before his tree — planted in the front yard next to the Bunkhouse — even showed a hint of color.

This tree did not start changing until just before Halloween. This was fully two weeks AFTER the height of color displayed by all the other trees in the area.

I’m glad that there were some good pictures taken of this tree at its peak a week ago Monday, because it was truly spectacular. I will share all of them here, in honor of the gorgeous liquid amber tree:


Please feel free to comment on how the Fall colors were in YOUR area!