For the second day in a row, our quiet skies are being BUZZED by small planes and copters, searching the area for marijuana crops.

The guy and gal who came out to install the HughesNet satellite internet system yesterday (HOORAY! It’s definitely faster than dialup! We like that!) said that they’d read something about it in the local paper.

This is the end of the harvest season and the Gub’mint wants to confiscate every last bit of “crop” before it ends.

Regardless of what your opinion might be on marijuana, this seems like a HUGE waste of our taxpayer’s money!

Yesterday I was amazed at the non-stop drone of small aircraft above our usually peaceful neck of the woods; it went from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I just heard the first plane of this new day at 10 this morning.

Please go away. Soon.

* * * * *

(UPDATE) Several hours later: We just found out that in addition to the drug survelliance, there is a small forest fire two miles from town — which explains the copters. Strange….because we don’t see any smoke, whatsoever.