Very reluctantly on Thursday morning, we left our place In The Woods, to begin the two-day drive back to Bisbee to pack up most of our stuff and move.

The drive down through California’s Central Valley was uneventful, and I-5 was boring but fast. Then we hit L.A. about 7:30 p.m. The outlying highways to the north were actually smooth going by that hour, until we encountered a short delay caused by an accident.

Cat Rupert surprised us by being relatively calm, cool and collected during the trip. We didn’t have to give him tranquilizers or put him in a cage as we had done on the trip out to California. Maybe he’s finally getting the idea that we’re NOT taking him to the vet or to the animal shelter.

Here’s a two-minute vid of our feline traveler:

After visiting a friend in Tucson overnight on Friday, we arrived at our house at noon Saturday.

Ah, back at the house with all the red stuff. The house we slapped a lot of junk onto which has charmed tourists and locals alike. The house which is going to be on national television on Wednesday. (HGTV, “What’s with that house?” 11:30p Eastern/Pacific. Ours is the first segment, entitled “Knick Knack House”.)

The shacky building suspended over the creek expressed its displeasure at our long absence by cutting off the electrical power to the “showroom” side, shortly after we arrived. Then the back door stuck; it’s been very rainy over the past six weeks we’ve been in California. Then the creaky wooden chair on the front porch (painted red, of course!) fell apart when James sat on it. Then the refrigerator door refused to shut because the kitchen floor has sunk a little more on one side — the whole house tilts downward slightly towards the street, and continues to “settle” as it ages. It’s nearly one hundred years old, after all.

It’s rained so much in fact, that the back yard is completely overgrown with weeds and tall grass,

threatening to choke the life out of the two peach trees.

Thank goodness it’s not hot as blazes at the moment! Bisbee seems to be at the tail-end of monsoon season; cloudy and humid when it’s not raining. The overcast skies keep the temperatures relatively low.

James has already packed up the bedroom and started on the livingroom on the “apartment” side of the building last night, which includes a small kitchen. I have been packing books in the library and will soon move on to all the miscellaneous junk and various musical instruments also stored on the bookshelves.

We pick up the rental truck on Wednesday and will load it up over the following two days, and will leave Bisbee on Friday.

We have to be back up at The Woods by Sunday. We will move our Airstream trailer from the RV park on the town’s little main street to the barn on the land (at last! the moment we’ve been waiting for!) on Monday, and the well-drilling company comes on Tuesday to install the pump and pressure tank, so that we will FINALLY be moved up there.

A massage therapist friend here in Bisbee is interested in our house. We truly hope that he will buy it! That would be wonderful. The place is zoned commercially, so he could have his business on the “showroom” side and live on the apartment side.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

“Powers that Be”, please give us the strength to get through this week!