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This land’s main drawback, the one critical item which has been missing is the presence of WATER in the barn/bunkhouse/studio.

In former years, water was pumped into this building by a small spring bubbling from a tiny fissure on the side of a nearby mountain. All the houses and cabins in the neighborhood were serviced by this spring. Our land was the last in the downhill chain of houses to get this water.

But over the past six years, the spring has slowed down, and one by one, the local residents have had wells dug on their property.

A few weeks ago, when James and I arrived on the land this second visit to California in as many months, he tried to connect plastic pipes to another spring which is much closer to our barn. Unfortunately this water source is a few feet below the barn’s elevation, so there’s no way to get the water up here.

We finally decided to have a well dug on this property.

We called the same well-drilling company that the other neighbors have used. They arrived this morning about three hours ago, and already they have struck water at 120 feet! But there are complications; they’ve also struck slate and sand, which means that the well will have to be lined with two layers of plastic or failing that, metal. This will add to the cost, but “oh well”. We gotta have water!

I’m not sure of the technical details but I will keep you posted.

Here’s a short video I took of the drilling, with our new Kodak digital camera:


After the drilling is completed, they will install the pump, situated closer to the barn. The actual well is not far from the building; it’s slightly uphill which is good.

After all is in place, James will run various pipes to the barn, summer kitchen and bathroom.

Then we will be able to bring our Airstream trailer up from the RV park on the town’s main street, and FINALLY be able to live on the land full-time!

It’s been somewhat of a drag to have to go back down the hill every evening to shower and eat and sleep. Our cat Rupert also misses us when we’re gone all day.

We hope to be completely settled up here in a couple of weeks.