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Today, telephone service was installed at the barn on “The Land In The Woods”, so after two weeks of disconnection from the Internet I am finally connected to the outside world again.

In a very SLOW fashion — I’m on regular dialup, and the phone lines to this location aren’t as good as in Nevada City, down the hill. My connection speed here is only 26,400 bps!

So it’s back to the Dark Ages. But I’ll just have to deal with this until we can arrange for satellite service.

Phone installation was delayed for a week because AT&T couldn’t locate our service address; they didn’t have a map! We didn’t find this out until last Thursday (after repeated calls trying to find out what was wrong; no one could give us a definitive answer for several days); service had been scheduled to be turned on the previous Monday. They couldn’t come back out until today.

A few minutes ago, the phone company stopped here at the RV park first so that James could guide them up the hill.

I must admit that it is rather difficult to find our place — one of its charms for us, actually — so this delay has been a small price to pay. But it’s been hard for me to be out of communication for so long.

These past sixteen days in California have been a real mixed bag. It’s great to be near family and old friends, where our presence seems to be truly appreciated, and in this lovely (more moist!) wooded environment.

On the other hand, I have suffered from an extreme case of bronchitis that came on just before we left Arizona on July 6th, from which I am just now beginning to recover.

Please hang in there while I vent about the state of my health for a few moments!

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so sick.

It’s especially weird to be incapacitated in the middle of summer.

After coughing up huge amounts of phlegm continuously for two weeks and feeling like crap, I finally went to a clinic down in Nevada City last Tuesday. They took X-rays and determined that it was NOT pneumonia, thankfully; just a bad case of bronchitis. They prescribed an antibiotic and kick-ass cough syrup with codeine.

I’m on my last day of the antibiotics and probably have two or three more days’ worth of cough syrup, and seem to be on the mend. I hope to be completely recovered by next week.

Without medical insurance, the doctor visit was $180, and the two medications totalled $150!
There was no generic equivalent for the antibiotics, but the cough syrup was generic and STILL cost $100.


Thankfully I’m not in the mood to rant about this at the moment. I could easily “go off” about the horrible state of health care, but why bother? It’s not going to change anything in my immediate world. The important thing is that I’m feeling better.

There is much to report about our first experiences in this tiny town nestled in the woods of the Sierra Nevada, but I will leave it for my next posts. I just wanted to write this quick entry to say that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth and that I will soon be in full writing swing again.