It was a hot Bisbee Saturday night on the last day of June, as I sat down to play the harp in the salon.

For recording, I turned off the air-conditioner and opened the back screen door. The sound of crickets wafted gently to my ears.

I decided to lay down a track anyway; perhaps the little singers would be an interesting addition to the harp improvisations. I hoped, at least, that it would give the listener a glimpse of my world as it was on that particularly warm summer evening, as it did for James sitting on the back porch, drowsing and dreaming as the music came through me.

This is the fourth and final improvised piece I did that session.

It is not really in blues standard form, but has a bluesy feel. There are some rather “far-out” moments, but not too, I hope.

Here is the link on MacJams. I hope you enjoy it! (Feedback welcomed.)

artwork by james joannesson