Since I’ve switched to this new blog, it seems that I’m getting a lot less traffic.

Perhaps my life is not as interesting now that I’m not focusing on Bisbee. šŸ™‚

There are a few commenters from the old blog who are now leaving comments on this one, which I greatly appreciate. I do hope that my other readers will follow suit.

Please feel free to blogroll “Living in the Woods”. I’m not quite in the woods yet (a twist on that old phrase!) but will be by the end of the summer.

* * * * *

Thankfully it’s a bit less hot today; “only” in the low-90s now at noon. Monsoon season draws ever nearer, with clouds accumulating by late afternoon. It’s already starting to get overcast now.

It almost thunderstormed last evening, with big billowy clouds piling up in the sharply-contrasting blue sky. I took some pictures from our little cement slab patio by the back door:



Next door neighbor Martha sat with me as the clouds tried to threaten rain. Horizontal zig-zags of lightning streaked across the sky, and the faintest hint of moisture grazed my face.

Martha suggested that we do a rain-dance, but I was too lazy. “I’m sure someone in Bisbee is doing exactly that right now, anyway”, I said, staying in my lawn-chair sipping a beer.

The sky gradually clouded over completely and we were refreshed by a few drops of rain, but the heat prevented much from hitting the ground.

The almost-storm passed quickly, but at least the temperature dropped a few degrees.

This hot weather is actually making both James and me ill. However, we feel well enough to continue our packing!