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It has been blazing hot in Bisbee these past three days. Fortunately, Caroline left before the heat cranked up full-blast.

This was the kind of weather I had warned her about before she arrived, so we were all pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t that bad while she was here. But the temperature has shot up an average of ten degrees since her departure — and the forecast calls for continued heat through the Fourth of July.

According to The Weather Channel online, it is 101 degrees right now. I think that TWC gets its Bisbee readings from nearby Sierra Vista, however, which is down in the valley and is always warmer.

The weather report on my “Dashboard” (a feature of my Mac operating system on my laptop) reads 96 degrees. So I usually split the difference to get a reasonably accurate temperature reading for Bisbee.

Yesterday was even hotter; it definitely reached triple-digits. These are the dog-days of summer, before the cooling monsoon thunderstorms come each afternoon starting in mid-July.

In the living area of the “apartment” side of our building, it is even hotter than outdoors! This is because we removed the ceiling when we first moved in five years ago; it was falling down anyway. The room is like a furnace in summer and a freezer in winter.

I took pictures of the thermometer readings in that room yesterday. Here is one of the digital unit on the wall near the window. The time is on top; indoor temperature in the middle; outdoor temperature on the bottom:

Next is the analog thermometer on the wall to the right, closer to the air-conditioner trying vainly to cool things off in the bedroom:

James and I were just discussing that if we had decided to continue being residents of Bisbee, we would need to leave town each summer for cooler climes. A lot of people do this; they stay here from November through May, then go elsewhere the rest of the year.

I want to live in a place where we don’t have to migrate. It will be very interesting to see how we do in the woods of Northern California, where it will definitely be colder in the winter, but at least bearable in the summer — if fires don’t get us first!

(The current fires in South Lake Tahoe are about two hours southeast of the land on which we will be living.)