James and I drove Caroline to the Tucson Airport yesterday noon, putting her on a plane for LA for her final phase of her American visit.

I cannot adequately describe the fun and joy we experienced during her whirlwind 5-day stay in Bisbee!

I’m sitting here trying to remember everything we did, but it is all a pleasant blur now. It is more important to focus on the overall effect of Caroline’s visit, which was full of laughter, hugs, singing, eating, and hanging out with James’ and my two closest friends here (Cynthia and “Cowboy”). A great time was had by all.

We discovered that it really is possible to meet wonderful people through the internet. Caroline and I first met on the Mac music site “Macjams” exactly two years ago. We went on to communicate via Instant Messenger (called iChat in Apple lingo), email and Skype, sharing our writing, our pictures, our voices.

It seemed that we knew each other very well, even before finally meeting in person a few days ago.

Making such a powerful, loving connection in-person is a wonderful validation of the good aspects of the internet. It IS possible to meet truly wonderful people online, and Caroline’s success at attracting many new friends — who she has gone on to visit, both in the UK and in the States — serves as perfect testimony.

Caroline, I trust that you are having a wonderful time with your online-and-now-in-person friends in Southern California.

James and I are feeling a bit let-down and anticlimatical now that you are gone, but this is not bad and is to be expected. We look forward to our next visit, whenever and wherever that happens to be!