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So here I am in yet another blog incarnation! (This is my FOURTH life.)

Right now I’m feeling like a master of disguise, a shape-shifter, constantly changing my spots and coloration to keep one step ahead of the Small Town Thought Police.

I could have continued to write in my previous blog, really, but this whole tiny-town-gossip-thing has grown tiresome, and I want to MOVE ON!

However, I will respond to comments to my latest blog entry there, and haven’t totally ruled out the possibility of writing additional posts before James and I leave.

(Ha ha, I am forcing myself to be vague. It doesn’t come naturally.)

But I must admit that I’m much more excited about looking towards James’ and my future life in the woods of Northern California rather than dwelling on this place.

In this new blog I can write more freely about my current thoughts, frustrations, hopes and aspirations without everyone here knowing my business. Hooray for that!

Is it terrible of me? I’m not used to this kind of circumspection; in my family we were brought up to be almost painfully honest, truthful and literal. James says that I’m a terrible liar…..not that I’ve really tried to be deceptive with him. 🙂

But I am feeling so much better now, with this clean slate.

* * * * *

My online friend Caroline, who is British and lives in the UK, is flying in this evening to visit us for five days! She’s on a month’s visit to the States, concentrating on the western US this time (a few months ago she visited the East coast). James and I are both very excited about finally meeting this woman in person, after more than two years of emails, exchanging videos, instant messenging and phone chats.

I feel that I know Caroline very well already, and anticipate that we will get along wonderfully in person, but we won’t know for sure until we spend time in each other’s company.

It is interesting that she comes to visit us during a rather difficult, awkward time in James’ and my sojourn in this small town — (Gosh, I’m even hesitant to use its name now!) — especially after singing its praises for so long. But we will make the best of the situation and I hope that Caroline’s presence will improve my attitude.

One of two close friends in town, Cynthia (who I’ve referred to often in the other blog) is having us all over for dinner tomorrow night, which will be fun. I hope it will be a small gathering, unlike most of the parties here.

Sometime this week, I will be helping James and Caroline record the song they worked on together two years ago. It will be much easier for them to perform their “give and take” lyrics live and in-person. I think it’s going to be a really great song. Very clever.

Perhaps we’ll take Caroline to some of the local tourist attractions which we’ve avoided like the plague thus far, such as the Queen Mine tour and the Mining Museum.

It reminds me of my high school years in the Washington DC area, when we never saw the sights until out-of-town guests arrived.

Caroline called an hour ago to say that she missed her flight from LA to Phoenix; her itinerary listed the wrong terminal and by the time she finally arrived at the right building, her flight had already left. So this throws everything off a few hours. Hopefully she’ll be able to catch the next one, and the second one to Tucson. She’s flying stand-by on both. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!

This delay is not entirely unwelcome, as James and I were rushing around all morning cleaning the house — twice a year whether it needs it or not — and it’s nice to have a couple of additional hours of down-time before making the hour-and-forty-minute drive to the Tucson airport.

Well, this new blog already feels quite different from the other. I hope it’s not too mundane!